Scum City Racing presents Downtown Showdown Alleycat

It was a really fun (and chilly) weekend here in Cleveland. Thanks to everyone at Scum City Racing for throwing a great alleycat! It was definitely one of the best races we’ve had yet. I had the lucky opportunity to sponsor, donating a Commuter, some Picas, Lock Holsters and a Double Zipper. I also worked a checkpoint with Jason and took photos of the whole event! I had so much fun.

Ready to shred.

Waiting for the race to start.

The first few checkpoints are always crammed!

Just fucking GO!

Racers arriving at the Mall B checkpoint.

Get your manifest signed and your picture taken!

Showoff. :)


The afterparty.



Brittany won her third Blicksbag, and won third overall. Congrats!

This can’t end well…

…it didn’t end well.

Footdown! Everyone has to ride in a tight circle and try to knock each other off.


Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the event great, and congrats to all the winners! You make my city cool.

sandi says:

Thank you so much for all your support/help/donations/photography skillz/ and ride! You definitely made this event a blast! Scum City is a bunch of lucky fucks to have you on our side! Much love!

Sandi you guys totally put on rad race and I’m happy there are dedicated bike people here in this town. I’m always happy to support yall. Thanks for the kind words!

thunderKILL says:

thanks for posting the shots! it was a great event.

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