New Pica Concepts!

So lately I haven’t been posting much since I’ve been so busy, but just wanted to update everyone that I still am taking custom orders for bags, so much so that I have’t been making any stock bags! Just FYI, the prices I have listed are the same regardless of stock or custom order, since each is handmade by me one bag at a time for the best quality and unique design.

Here are some photos of a recent custom Pica Concept bag I like for how clean cut it is:

One of the biggest improvements that I want to push forward with the Pica Concept is the way that the shoulder strap is attached and angled, which seriously improves ergonomics. The strap is effectively about 6″ longer than on the classic design, and doesn’t ride up or slip down. The taller size also helps to keep everything in place. I can’t get over how much I love this bag.

This particular custom order Pica has a simple pocket built into the front side for a netbook or ultrabook, an expanding zipper pocket with hidden color detail, and the surprisingly roomy main cargo area. There are even some pen pockets in a little flat organizer pocket on the inside.

Got an idea for a custom bag you can’t get anywhere else? Send me your bag wishes today, and let me make it happen! -madeline

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