Coventry Street Fair & A Custom Commuter

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Coventry Street Arts Fair! It was a lot of fun showing my work to locals. There were so many people there, it was insane. A couple fights broke out amongst some teenagers and something like 9 people were arrested…but other than that the event was awesome. My friend Rachel had a booth just near me for Rachel’s Recyclables, cool wares using upcycled materials.

I tried to get a photo of the crowd and friends but I forgot to recharge my camera, so I just have the booth pics. :(

Also, today I finished up this Commuter for Duane:

It features this applique/embroidery of a truck rim, a special order color of fabric (which I also used on Turtle Gallery), and a built in mount for a Reversible Lock Holster on the side with a ring for clipping keys to. Came out pretty awesome I think! Hope you enjoy it Duane.

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Duane says:

A+, would buy again!
I love the bag. I’ve only used it a for few days/100miles/2 six packs/3 meals… however you want to measure it… but it works and looks great.
I’ve had two people ask if it was painted (from a distance), and were amazed when they looked closer to see it was embroidered.

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